October 15, 2019 10:04 AM
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Voting Instructions:
    • To access the online ballot, please enter your Account Number and Date of Birth (DDMMYYYY).
      • Enter your date of birth in this format:  DDMMYYYY. For example, the date April 12, 1980 would be entered 12041980 and the date December 5, 1979 would be entered 05121979.
    • If you are a Business Member, please complete a Certified Resolution of the Directors form available at your local Noventis Credit Union branch. Online voting will then be enabled for your business with in one business day.
    • For help voting, contact us at noventiscuhelp@cues.org or 1-844-826-6500.

Account Number
Date of Birth (DDMMYYYY)

Disclaimer:  Each membership holding a minimum $5 common (capital) share is entitled to one vote. To preserve the integrity of the voting process, you may only cast your vote once. If, due to an error, the Credit Union receives two ballots from a member or joint membership, the first ballot received by CUES (Credit Union Executives Society, the credit union's voting partner), will be counted as that Member’s vote.

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