May 25, 2018 9:35 AM
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Co-op Board Election
Your vote counts!
You may vote from home, vote online using the store computer at the lunch counter, or request a paper ballot.
Paper ballots: If you would like a paper ballot, please see a cashier to fill out a short form.
Your paper ballot can be picked up in the store, or it can be sent to your home. If you would like your paper
ballot mailed to you, please request it no later than March 30th to ensure enough time for mailing and voting.
For electronic voting, please login below:
Your USERNAME is the first name of the primary owner.
The PASSWORD is the owner number. 
If you do not know or cannot find this information, please call the store at (618) 529-3533.


If you have a problem voting, please contact Amy at (618)529-3533 x201
or via email

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