July 17, 2018 8:48 PM
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Welcome to the AFP Governance Voting process.   Today you will be voting on the 2018 AFP Board of Directors Slate presented by the Committee on Directorship.  


On behalf of the 2017 Committee on Directorship, you will find the slate of candidates for the 2018 AFP Board of Directors.  You will be voting on the slate as a whole and are only voting on the District Directors and At-Large Directors to serve on the AFP Board.  The Committee feels that these candidates represent the best leaders in our profession. 


You will also find that we have provided, for your information only, the proposed slate of Officers that will be approved by the AFP Board at the October meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio.


As a reminder, in the email you received, you will find at the bottom of the email, your Member ID # and your email address we have on file for you.  For voting purposes your Member # will be your User ID #.  For some of you, you will be required to use leading zeroes when entering your Member ID to create a 12- digit User ID (ex. 000000123456).  Your user password is your email address.  The password box allows up to 50 characters so keep typing even when you don't see what you are typing.  Or, the easiest way to enter your password (email address) is to cut and paste it into the password box. 


Thank you in advance for being a part of a very important governance process.


Pat Feeley, MBA, CFRE, Chair, AFP Committee on Directorship


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Should you have any questions regarding the Board Governance process, please review the documents provided in the Frequently Asked Questions  http://www.afpnet.org/BoardVoteIf you have further questions, you may email voting@afpnet.org.

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